Why is social media awareness is important?

Social media has become increasingly important in the last several years for helping people and communities who are in dire need. Social work is the focus of numerous organisations and online social networking sites.

If you wish to help individuals who are in need in any way, the ideal place to start that journey is on social media. With the use of this tool, you can contact organisations that support those in need and ask them for help with activities that you could take on yourself.
Social media is a great venue for philanthropic activity since it makes the lives of those in need much easier. When weighing the top benefits and drawbacks of social media, this is one of the most important advantages.

The danger associated with utilising social media is probably oversharing information, which can be harmful in a variety of ways. Potential burglars keep an eye out for people leaving town, hackers hunt for data they may use to access your accounts, con artists look for gullible people to con, and identity thieves hunt for suitable victims. There are numerous such instances, but the fundamental problem still exists: too much information is accessible to those who shouldn’t necessarily have it.

Another issue that has gained attention owing to the increased usage of social media is cyberbullying. People have shown that the internet can be a place where they feel very comfortable discussing things that they probably wouldn’t say in person. The issue is frequently made worse by people posting without fully understanding the circumstances of a particular event. To avoid contributing to this issue or being a victim, it’s critical to be aware of your online behaviour.

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