Tech giants explore AI opportunities

In order to continue advancing its research and delivering AI technologies that enable the public sector and private businesses to achieve more, Microsoft has partnered with numerous organisations across the world.

AI is already widely used for everything from straightforward text predictions to intricate data analytics. The cloud and augmented reality tools like Microsoft Azure and HoloLens are two of the main ways it is getting to people.

This comprises all of our machine learning and cognitive AI technologies, as well as our cloud and edge platform components, low-code tools, and communication services. Any developer can use and extend the Azure services that we use in our Microsoft products. This enables the development of a wide range of solutions, from pre-packaged to fully customised low- and pro-code solutions. Although Microsoft has successfully competed with Google and Amazon in the field of cloud computing, its attempt to commercialise the first computer tablet and its foray into the mobile phone market through the acquisition of Nokia both failed tragically. It gave Apple the victory in each instance.

Also, these technologies are developing more concrete business applications for the metaverse. Microsoft is leveraging HoloLens and other augmented reality solutions to develop the industrial metaverse, a term that has gained popularity because to Facebook’s relaunch as Meta.

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